It’s important that as part of fulfilling our charity duties, whether working on line or in person we as the Belmont PTA (BHSA) take reasonable steps to protect from harm people who come into contact with our charity. 

The Belmont PTA (BHSA) have adopted the Belmont School Safeguarding Policy in reference to Child Protection, and will refer any concerns in relation to safeguarding to Belmont School and follow their protocol. This can be found on the Belmont School website under the title Safeguarding


“The Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy applies to all adults including volunteers, woking in or on behalf of the school and it is expected that anyone working in or for the school shares the responsibility to keep children safe from harm and abuse and reports any concerns to the named designated teachers. They are Elaine Lacey Headteacher and Sarah Boydjians Deputy Headteacher”


We as a charity promote an open and positive culture and ensure all involved feel able to report concerns, confident that they will be heard and responded to appropriately. If any such incidents occur and a disclosure of any form of harm, emotional, physical or sexua abusel about an individual we have a duty of care to report the disclosure to the named teachers above. You are exempt from withholding any confidentiality if the needs of any child is in danger of harm

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