Data Protection Guidance

Data Protection Guidance

To help improve communication between members,volunteers and to assist with the organisation of events, the Belmont PTA (BHSA) collects, stores and uses personal information, including home addresses, telephone numbers and or email addresses.

Examples of when the Belmont PTA (BHSA) is responsible to the use of personal information:

  • When a new member is appointed to the committee their name and photo are used within school to promote our accessibility of being recognised and approached.
  • We advise our elected reps of year groups to work together on projects for the school by liaising via communication tools such as whatsapp. It is our responsibility to make them aware of the importance and responsibility they hold for their own monitoring of shared personal information within these secure groups. 
  • The Secretary holds a list of named volunteers that wish to be sent a copy of meeting minutes during volunteer meetings on event organisation 
  • Belmont PTA (BHSA) committee members will obtain personal contact details and address securely during event’s marketing of where parents and guardians have happily supplied personal information to be used 
  • The Treasurer holds the completed Gift Aid and donation forms in order to manage the tracking of donations and claiming Gift Aid
  • Data will be deleted when no longer required either because the member has left or has asked to be removed from the volunteer lists 
  • HMRC rules for Gift Aid require that we hold onto donor details for six years following the end of the accounting year in which the last donation occurred and at this point the Belmont PTA (BHSA) will destroy the forms holding personal financial data. 
  • Members will be aware that we hold this information because they have voluntary supplied it when filling in Belmont PTA (BHSA) forms or sign-up sheets 
  • Forms that request personal information will clearly state how data is to be held/used
  • No data held on members will be passed onto third parties outside the Committee on a need-to-know basis

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