Complaints Procedures

Complaints Procedures

In order to work effectively the Belmont PTA (BHSA) recognises it needs to handle data appropriately and deal with complaints.

It is recognised that complaints may arise, either about a Committee decision or individual Committee members. In the event of a complaint the following procedure will apply:

  • Although complaints can be done both verbally or written, it is paramount that the Committee ensure there be an audit trail for our records. This should be passed onto the role of the Secretary to be filed appropriately.¬†
  • The Committee is not to discuss any complaint raised outside the Committee or with an individual with whom the complaint is about. Confidentiality of any data directed to the Belmont PTA (BHSA) must be respected and dealt with sensitivity abiding to our confidentiality procedures
  • If a complaint has been directed to us via a parent / carer / pupil, referencing any matter regarding a Belmont School parent / carer, any member of the SLT team, a child attending Belmont School or a Teacher of Belmont School NOT in relation to any Belmont PTA (BHSA) event, it is not our responsibility to resolve. The person with the complaint must be advised and directed to pass their complaint directly to Belmont school
  • The Chairman will reply to the complainer, having satisfied themselves as to the nature of the complaint and if or when the Committee have agreed an action for its outcome
  • In the event that the complaint is made about the Chairman, the Vice chair, Secretary or Treasurer will perform the above role
  • If the matter is not resolved the Belmont PTA (BHSA) Committee will meet to decide the response and then follow the Belmont School complaints procedure which escalates any issues to the Head Teacher¬†

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