Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

The Committee understands that it is our duty to make decisions that are in the best interest of the Belmont PTA (BHSA). We know that where any of us hold a personal or other interest, this will stop us achieving this duty and acting in best interests or out charity. Our policy will ensure:

  • We ask all Committee members to declare any conflict of interest when they are appointed
  • At every Committee meeting the Chair will ask whenever a Committee member becomes aware of a conflict of interest
  • Any conflict will be noted in the Committee meeting minutes
  • Any Committee member with an identified conflict is asked to withdraw from any discussions of and/or vote on that issue. 
  • Where conflicts of interest arise, we detail in the minutes of the Committee meeting how this is addressed
  • Where possible, our Belmont PTA (BHSA) works to make sure there is a good mix of parents and staff from across the school. This aim is to stop any one part of the school from being overly represented.
  • Where discussion may favour a year group, subject area or particular aspect of the school over others, we ensure that we have specifically consulted (school, governors, members) as we see fit to ensure this is appropriate and over a period of time, we ensure that all aspects of the school benefit and that this benefit is close to being equal.

We will review this policy annually (in advance of our AGM) and make it available to our members electronically so they understand how the Committee is operating in the best interests of the Belmont PTA (BHSA)

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