Job Description & Responsibility


Main purpose of the Treasurer role:

The main purpose of the Treasurer role is to keep accurate financial records and ensure best practice procedures are followed for counting money, banking and making payments. The Treasurer keeps the Committee up to date with financial matters and produces an annual report to present at the AGM.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Summary of the Treasurer role

  • Ensure accurate, up to date financial records for the PTA.
  • Present financial updates to the committee and the Forum, where appropriate.
  • Manage the PTA bank account and holding the cheque book.
  • Arrange signatory changes on the PTA bank account
  • Ensure that money handling and counting procedures are best practice and that money is kept and transported safely.
  • Make approved payments.
  • Point of contact with the School for bids process, including completing bids paperwork and returning to the School
  • Ensure a proper process for claiming expenses
  • Prepare an annual Treasurer’s Report for the AGM and arranges an independent audit if required.
  • Complete the Charities Commission annual return.
  • Organise floats for all events which require them and ensure float procedures are in place and being followed.
  • Bank takings from PTA events as needed

Roles and Responsibilities continued:

  • At the school fairs, arrange floats for all stalls, collect money throughout the fair and provide extra change where required. Count and bank takings at the end.
  • Invoice the School for PTA funds raised through ParentPay
  • Attend the PTA Committee Meetings, PTA Forums and PTA Annual General Meeting (AGM) in November. A minimum of 20 people are required for the AGM.
  • Discuss and vote on funding bids submitted to the PTA
  • Encourage support and uptake for initiatives such as Easyfundraising/collecting supermarket vouchers, PTA events etc.
  • Attend and support PTA events
  • Promote the School community spirit
  • Hold a clear DBS check completed through the school

Key skills needed for role:

  • Basic book keeping knowledge to maintain accurate records of income and expenditure.
  • Eye for detail and organisational skills.
  • Calm, team player.
  • Good communicator.

For further information please feel free to contact the PTA Chair or the PTA Vice Chair.

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The main purpose of the Chair role is to lead PTA meetings (Forums, AGM and Committee meetings) and make sure that everyone has a chance to get involved and be heard.

Vice Chair

The main purpose of the Vice Chair role is to provide support to the Chair and take their place leading meetings if the Chair is absent.


The main purpose of the Secretary role is to support the Chair to build effective communication links between the school and the PTA and maintain accurate records.

Generalist Member

The main purpose of the Generalist Member role is to provide support to the all members of the PTA Committee. Generalist Members will cover Committee roles where parent/carer volunteer members are in absence.

Class Rep

Each class needs at least one Rep, with a maximum of three Reps per class. A Rep’s tenure is one academic year, although those who wish to continue in their role are very much encouraged to do so.