Children’s Disco

Children’s Disco

Belmont Parent Teacher Association


Mini Superstars and Disco Divas
The most EPIC Children’s Disco of the year in Belmont!

Amidst the vibrant glow of disco lights, Out canteen transformed into a jubilant playground of music and laughter. Our little superstars, adorned in dazzling outfits, danced with pure abandon, creating a kaleidoscope of joy. Giggles echoed, sequins sparkled, and each twirl became a memory etched in the tapestry of childhood. The photo booth captured moments of silliness, while the snack table fueled the energetic revelry. A night of carefree camaraderie, the school disco was a symphony of childhood exuberance and shared delight.

Special thanks to the Disco Team:

Ace, Anna, Aurelia, Clinton, Despina, Erica, Ian, Maja, Masha, Michelle, Rosie, Sarah,  Miss Kierzkowski, Miss Skinner, Mr McDonell, Mr Powell, Mr & Mrs Boyadjian,

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